The Indian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, is a scientific body of the Medical Doctors (Physiatrists), working in the speciality of PMR, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is a registered society promoting education and research in PMR. Membership is open to all doctors working in PMR. It has worldwide membership with its secretarial office based in New Delhi, India.

For more details visit: www.iapmr.org

Christian Medical College Vellore was started as a one-bedded clinic-cum-dispensary in 1900 by Dr Ida Sophia Scudder, the daughter of second-generation medical missionaries. Today, this educational and research institute, of national and international fame, includes a network of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary care hospitals, with around 3000 beds spread across six campuses in and around Vellore. This year, CMC Vellore is celebrating the centenary of medical education, which began in 1918 with a Licentiate Medical Practitioner course to impart medical training to women. In 1942, the MBBS degree course was started and in 1947, the medical college became co-educational.

CMC’s network of primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary care teaching hospitals is spread across six campuses in and around Vellore, and is, together, a 3000-bedded multi-speciality medical institution of international fame.

In the delivery of health care, CMC provides a culture of caring while pursuing its commitment to professional excellence. For decades synonymous with excellence, CMC has maintained a fine balance between providing state-of-the-art treatment while being inclusive and minimising the financial burden on patients, thus playing, over the years, a pivotal role in improving healthcare in the country.

In the area of research, CMC strives to understand God’s purposes and designs, fostering a spirit of enquiry, commitment to truth and high ethical standards. CMC’s research activities have contributed to major health policies such as the national poliomyelitis immunisation policy and policies regarding the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with leprosy.

To effectively practise our calling to be a faith-based establishment ministering to people of all faiths and from all walks of life, CMC has also instituted a missions outreach programme that seeks to broaden the network of organisations involved in the healing ministry, and is committed to reviving mission fields in the rural pockets across the country that lack access to quality medical services. For more details visit: cmcvellore.edu

The department was inaugurated in 1963 by the then President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. Dr. Mary Verghese was in-charge of the department at that time. The Rehabilitation Institute was dedicated in 1966 by the then Union Minister for Health Dr. Sushila Nayyar.

Dr Mary Verghese who was the first president of IAPMR; in her presidential address at the Joint Conference of Indian Rheumatism Association and the Indian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Bombay in November 1974, described PMR as “ a field of medical specialization concerned with the comprehensive management of patients with impairment and disability arising from neuromuscular, musculoskeletal & vascular disorders and with psychological and social disruptions concomitant with them”.

Our department has recently been designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Development of Rehabilitation Technology, Capacity Building and Disability Prevention.

The outpatient facility, interdisciplinary clinics, acute care in-patient wards, electrodiagnostic services are in the CMC hospital campus at Thottapalayam, Vellore. The in-patient wards of the rehabilitation institute, movement analysis lab, urodynamics lab, diagnostic ultrasonography services, and spinal cord regeneration research laboratory are in the college campus at Bagayam, Vellore.

The Mid Term CME for the year 2018 is themed on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – management from coma to community. TBI is increasingly being recognized as a public health problem of immense proportions with the substantial burden of disability and death occurring in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Even at conservative estimates of approximately 10 million moderate-to-severe TBI per year, this would only represent 0.1% of the population suffering from TBI in India. Lack of standardized epidemiological data on TBI in India is as big a problem as lack of proper rehabilitation options available for rehabilitation to persons who have suffered Brain Injury. The CME aims to create awareness, discuss the key topics in rehabilitation of TBI sequelae by lectures and panel discussions by a team of national & international faculty.

CME will be preceded by workshops on Electrodiagnosis, Management of Neurogenic bladder and Gait analysis. Workshops are aimed at updating the knowledge & improving the skills needed in clinical practice of PMR.